Our diverse capabilities allow us to serve an integral role in the operations of local and national clients within various industries. Riley is the go-to specialist in ensuring smooth operations for our customers, which ultimately enables them to better serve their own customers.

Aggregate / Mining

From repairs to new product designs, we have become a trusted partner for some of the region’s largest suppliers of construction materials. Having worked extensively within the aggregate and mining industry, we provide custom parts for nearly any equipment or structure. Our work’s strength, durability, and reliability have become a benchmark for quality within the industry. Riley continues to be the aggregate and mining industry’s service provider for emergency breakdowns, preventative maintenance, and annual outage support. All of Riley’s field service teams are MSHA-certified and undergo rigorous annual training to ensure safety is always a priority on these sites.

Industrial / Manufacturing

At Riley, we produce various replacement OEM parts, custom components, and assemblies for regional clients. Due to our rapid response times and on-site capabilities, manufacturers consistently rely on us to provide the parts and services needed to keep their facilities running efficiently. With Riley’s experience with safety in industrial and manufacturing environments, our customers rely on us to partner with them and their safety teams to fabricate safety features and machine guarding to keep their employees safe and secure. If you are looking for millwright assistance on installing new equipment and/or moving existing equipment, Riley can make that happen, too.

Food & Beverage Processing

Based in Hanover, PA, the “snack food capital” of the United States, our team has decades of experience servicing, repairing, testing, and fabricating parts specifically for the food industry, including snack foods, poultry, meat, bread, and confectionary facilities. Employing strict “work clean” initiatives, we are committed to meeting or exceeding rigorous health safety standards, while maintaining a high-quality work environment and adherence to superior TIG and SSOP standards. Our field service teams are experienced and work closely with facility maintenance and sanitization departments to ensure compliance with their health and safety standards and protocols. Stainless and aluminum fabrications for this industry are a specialty at Riley.

Power And Energy Generation

Riley is all charged up to be your vendor of choice to service the needs of your power gen facilities. Riley has fabricated platforms, railings, motor & gearbox mounts, support structures, and guarding to assist in renovation and outage plans of power gen facilities. Together, our shop and field service teams make a powerful combination to support our energy customers.

Government And Defense

We are a trusted fabrication and field service support source for US government defense contractors. Riley teammates are TWIC certified to access secure facilities to perform measurement work or fabricate platforms, stairways, support framework, testing plates, and guarding. We are proud to be a partner with our government contractors to support the security and defense of our country!


Riley continues to service and support the agricultural industry by assisting local or regional farmers, agricultural processing plants, and agricultural equipment manufacturers. We are experienced in servicing, troubleshooting, and/or fabricating chutes, augers, elevators, dryers, and mills. Of course, Riley is always ready and able to fabricate specialized platforms, ladders, and stairways to support our customers’ safety goals and priorities.

Small Businesses, Retail & Residential

No company or project is too small for Riley to help make it happen. Whether it is a special rack, an organizer you may have designed, a piece of equipment needing repairs, or anything you would like fabricated from metal, Riley’s experts can help bring your ideas to reality. Riley continues to support new and existing small or retail businesses by providing them with custom fabrication and installation services to make their opening day and future successful. If you are expanding a business and need to increase your capacity, we can help and support your project with lasting solutions.