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Our diverse set of capabilites has established us as an integral part of the operations for both local and national clients within various industries.



From repairs to new product designs, we have become a trusted partner for some of the region’s largest suppliers of construction materials. Having worked extensively within the aggregate industry, we provide custom parts for nearly any equipment or structure. As a result, the strength, durability, and reliability of our work has become a benchmark for quality within the industry.



At Riley, we produce a wide variety of replacement OEM parts, custom components, and assemblies for clients throughout the region. With rapid response times and on-site capabilities, manufacturers consistently rely on us to provide the parts and services needed to keep their plants running efficiently.


Food Processing

Based in Hanover, PA, the “snack food capital” of the United States, our team has decades of experience in repairing, testing, and fabricating parts specifically for the food industry. Employing strict “work clean” initiatives, we are committed to meeting or exceeding rigorous health safety standards, while maintaining a high-quality work environment and adherence to superior TIG and SSOP standards. Stainless and aluminum fabrications are a specialty at Riley.