Riley’s unique approach combines industry knowledge with creativity, passion, customization, and problem-solving abilities. This sets us apart as a go-to choice for clients seeking not just ordinary fabricating and welding services, but innovative and tailored solutions for a wide range of projects.

Listed below are a few examples of the specialized products or services Riley is known for:

● Catwalks
● Chutes
● Conveyors
● Duct Work Systems
● Equipment Installations
● Equipment Pedestals
● Exhaust Stacks
● Hoppers
● Machine Guards
● Metal Containers
● Metal Plate Fabrications

● Millwright Work
● Platforms
● Railings
● Replacement OEM Parts
● Reverse Engineering
● Specialty & Custom Odd Fabrication
● Stairways
● Steel Tanks
● Storage Racks
● Structural Components
● Vats